A Full Calendar & 0 Qualified Leads

Empty Calendar Syndrome: when your calendar is full of anything but meetings with qualified new leads. 

You know you have it when you find yourself continually in “reactive” mode to generate leads.

Or, when you’re stuck prioritizing the “urgent” rather than the “important.”

Or, when you would prefer to spend time on strategy, learning, and high-impact activities but don’t have the capacity. 

Or, my personal favorite, when you keep pushing things off to “that magical time when I will no longer be busy,” but it never comes.

I’ve seen too many startups focused on a sales prospecting approach when it’s too time-consuming and doesn’t lead to the results they need.

I made this guide for those people. 

The PAGE Guide contains strategies I’ve validated across 30+ digital health startups, all of whom have seen immense and steady growth by focusing on just four pillars.

If you don’t have leads coming in consistently or want to get ahead of the curve–I made this for you. Download the guide here. 

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