When I first fell in love with marketing, I knew it was dangerous.

Marketers have the incredible ability to grow companies from nothing into something. From $0 in revenue to billion dollar valuations.

A marketer for Stripe that’s responsible for ecommerce become more efficient and secure has a lot to be proud of.

But a marketer for Juul Labs that’s gotten a generation of highschoolers addicted to nicotine? Not so much.

So naturally, when I fell in love with marketing, I turned to the healthcare industry. I wanted to help people, not harm them.

But what I didn’t realize at first was just how broken the healthcare industry was.

In fact, many who work in the healthcare industry are actively perpetuating a system that is deeply flawed and doesn’t work for patients (in addition to costing far too much).

So, I set about to find the way that I could make the biggest difference in the industry.

To grow companies from nothing into something that would take a broken system and make it better.

And today, that dream becomes a reality.

I’m founding Viral Healthcare Founders, a digital marketing agency and community for startups in digital health who are looking to scale their startups and change the industry.

The first thing I’m doing is launching a free Slack Team for founders, CEOs, and marketers at digital health companies. It will launch on September 1st, 2019.

In this Slack Team, I’m going to give founders the frameworks and knowledge they need to drive growth at their startups. 

I’ll also be sharing the latest tactics, experiments,  and channels that I’ve been using to grow my clients’ startups.

Healthcare is very far behind. Technology has transformed almost every industry – but not healthcare. 

Digital health startups have had great ideas, but they haven’t figured out how to sell them in a scalable way to the healthcare market.

That’s because healthcare is a very unique industry. It requires a unique approach. You can’t figure out how to do it well by reading Hubspot articles.

But if I can take 200 healthcare founders and teach them how to market their products and scale their businesses – I can have a huge impact.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

The Viral Healthcare Founders Slack team is completely free. But I’m not accepting just anyone.

You need to apply here, and then I’ll personally vet your startup. 

Like I said, digital marketing is powerful, and the techniques that I have to teach are doubly so. 

I want to make sure that if you’re joining me on this journey, your startup is headed in the right direction.

That you aren’t looking to take advantage of a bad system to make a profit, but are actively seeking to make healthcare better.

If that’s you – then let’s get going.

You can join Viral Healthcare Founders by filling out an application at this link.

  1. Hi Brian, great to see you launching a new venture in the digital healthcare space. As former CEO of Gobiquity/GoCheck with over 20 years of experience with medical devices, thought I’d reach out to see if I’m a fit with your mission. No worries either way, and best of luck to you

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for reaching out!

      Of course I’d love to chat. I’ll reach out directly!

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