I’m digital health growth expert and mentor, Bryan Loomis.

My team and I share as much knowledge as we can with our community of over 400 Digital Health Founders. To join our Viral Healthcare Founders Slack Team, click below.

Grow your startup. Change the world.

I like to measure my professional success by generative effect. As in, what can I do that helps startups that help fix the broken healthcare industry.

The Viral Healthcare Founders Slack Team gives digital health founders the knowledge and helpful tactics to grow their startups & generate leads.

We post regularly with playbooks, growth experiments, and templates to guide your decision-making as you gain speed.

In addition to regulars posts, gain access to a diverse community of 400+ digital health founders. Lean on them for support, learn from their successes and mistakes, and contribute to the discussion to help change healthcare for the better.

Cold Email
LinkedIn Social Selling and Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Audience Building
Product/Market Fit
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